Stuff You Should Read

Training the High School Athlete, Rehab of the Overhead Athlete, and Mobile Apps

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Rob Panariello, Kevin Wilk, and Physiopedia.


Inner Circle and Update

My next live Inner Circle webinar will be next week, on Tuesday March 26th at 11:00 AM EST.  I will be discussing “Enhancing the Balance Between Upper and Lower Trapezius.”  This should be a fun one, as I have seen a bunch of patients lately where this was my primary objective.

Inner Circle members can log into their account and register for the webinar in the Inner Circle Dashboard.  If you are not a member of my Inner Circle, click here to get access to this and all my past Inner Circle webinars for only $5. features an absolutely awesome webinar this week.  Kevin Wilk shares with us a webinar on Rehabilitation of the Overhead Throwing Athlete from the 2013 ASMI Injuries in Baseball course.   If you work with overhead athletes, this is a much watch webinar.


Considerations in Athletic Performance Enhancement Training: The High School Athlete

Rob Panariello just pumps out quality, detailed articles about his vast experiences with physical therapy and performance enhancement.  His articles are always a pleasure to read.  His most recent, a guest blog on Bret Contreras’ site, discusses some of his pearls of wisdom on training high school aged athletes.



Mobile Apps for Physical Therapy

I have discusses some of my favorite apps in the past, including my favorite iPad apps for physical therapy.  I recently found that Physiopedia is starting to accumulate a running list and details of several physical therapy related mobile apps, as well.  The list is a little limited now, but this should be a good resource going forward to check out from time to time.