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If you are interested in working with the team at Champion PT and Performance, you can visit us at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance.  We provide an integrated approach to physical therapy, fitness, and performance training for a wide range of individuals look to enhance their lives.  We treat both nonoperative and postoperative musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, as well as help enhance the fitness and performance of healthy individuals.

We like to think of ourselves as Performance Therapists and Trainers – You don’t need to be injured to benefit form Champion and optimize yourself!

To learn more about our physical therapy, personal training, sports performance, or baseball performance programs, please click here to visit Champion PT and Performance.

Physical Therapy

If you are injured, recently had surgery, or simply want to feel and move better, we are available for one-on-one physical therapy sessions.

We emphasize a thorough and proper biomechanical assessment of how the body moves and functions and what specific muscle imbalances and movement impairments may be leading to dysfunction.  Using a combination of biomechanical analysis, movement assessment, manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, corrective exercise, and strength training, we emphasize a full return to function instead of just simply a temporary reduction of pain.  We don’t just treat the involved area; we take a comprehensive view of how your body moves and functions to identify potential areas of breakdown and improvement.

Baseball Performance

If you are a baseball player looking for rehabilitation, injury prevention, or performance enhancement programs, we help baseball players reach their full potential.  Based on years of experience in Major League Baseball and working with 1000’s of baseball players from Little League to professional athletes, we offer programs tailored to enhance pitching performance and prevent injuries.  Pitchers of any age level will benefit from the integration of the same programs used to develop MLB All-Stars and World Series Champions.

Champion PT and Performance features cutting edge programs developed after years of extensive research and experience.  We have tested all of our methods in the laboratory setting to assure we are maximizing our results.  Backed by scientific evidence on what baseball pitchers need to perform and prevent injuries, our programs have been shown to be effective at the highest level.

Baseball Development Program Services:

  • Physical Therapy for baseball related injuries and surgeries
  • Baseball pitching specific performance enhancement program
  • Biomechanical analysis of pitching mechanics and injury risk assessment
  • Offseason arm care program designed to enhance performance and reduce injury
  • Inseason routine maintenance arm care manual therapy program to stay healthy through the season

One Time and Distance Consultations

We are seeing people for both one time consultations and ongoing care.  We offer distant consultation for athletes, otherwise it is hard to help over the internet and will need to see you in person.  We also have many people who travel from around the world to see us for anywhere from 1 day to several weeks and then travel back home to continue with their program.  Please specifically state if you are interested in a one time consult.

Contact Champion PT and Performance

If you are in the Boston, MA area and are interested in working with my team at Champion, please click below and send Champion a message.  Thanks!

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