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A 3-Step Plan to Deal with Burnout as a Physical Therapist

Burnout as a physical therapist is very common, but it isn’t your fault. Getting past it has to become your mission. The only way to fix our situation is to change it ourselves with the support of others. Remember, burnout is not the end, burnout is the beginning. What comes after it is what will ultimately define you. It can be the first step in going from average to amazing. Here’s a 3-step plan that I used to get started.

Introduction to Performance Therapy and Training

Do You Want to Learn More About Optimizing Movement and Enhancing Performance? 

I’m really excited to be launching my brand new course for rehabilitation and fitness professionals looking to help people restore, optimize, and enhance performance.   It’s my Introduction to Performance Therapy Training course. And you know what the best part is??? It’s absolutely FREE! I want to help.  When we started our facility at Champion PT and Performance, one of our biggest goals was to develop a simple system for our physical therapists and strength coaches to help people move and perform better. My Introduction to Performance Therapy and Training program will teach you our 4-step system at Champion to assure you have everything you need to start helping people move and perform better.

How To Best Collaborate Between Physical Therapy And Fitness

The latest Inner Circle webinar recording on How To Best Collaborate Between Physical Therapy And Fitness is now available.

The difference between an expert and a beginner

The Difference Between an Expert and a Beginner

The key to becoming an expert has less to do with how much you know and more to do with realizing how much more there is to learn.

evidence based medicine light system mike reinold

How to Best Integrate Evidence Based Practice

When I teach students and young clinicians how to begin integrating evidence based practice, I always begin discussing what I call the evidence-based practice light system. Using this system, it becomes clear very quickly what techniques you should absolutely perform and not perform.

13 Lessons I Learned from Dr. James Andrews

One of the most influential people in my career has no doubt been Dr. James Andrews.

I’m pretty fortunate to know Dr. Andrews as a friend and mentor, someone that has shaped my clinical skills, my work ethic, and my entire career.

I’m super proud to be able to share the things that I have learned from Dr. Andrews over the years and hope they help you too.

Catch up watch my latest Facebook Live Q&A for Inner Circle members

Watch My Live Q&A Recording

A recording of my recent Facebook Live Q&A session exclusively for Inner Circle members is now available!

4 Things That Helped Me Grow in 2017

4 Things I Learned in 2017

Each year I try to always look back and reflect on what I have learned and changed in my life, both personally and professionally. This helps me to grow and evolve as I learn each year, plus, helps me set goals for the upcoming new year. If you don’t also reflect back on what you have learned and changed, I think you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow. Here are 4 things I learned in 2017.