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Scalene Hypertrophy

I recently evaluated yet another Major League baseball player with the “yips,” or what I like to call thoracic outlet syndrome.  I really don’t believe in the yips at all and feel that thoracic outlet syndrome is almost always to … Read more >

Integrating Upper Cervical Flexion with Postural Exercises

chin nod with shoulder w exercise

Several weeks ago I published a quick video tip on a variation of the chin tuck exercise, the chin nod exercise.  I received a lot of nice feedback regarding the use of the nod and wanted to share the … Read more >

The Chin Tuck and Chin Nod Exercises

Chin Tuck Chin Nod ExerciseToday’s post is a quick and dirty video technique post on the chin tuck exercise technique.  The chin tuck is a pretty common exercises used for neck pain and postural adaptations.  The chin tuck exercise essentially works on upper cervical … Read more >

Exercise Considerations for Neck Pain

Today’s post is written by Rick Kaselj.  Rick is the creator of the Muscle Imbalances Revealed products that I have mentioned in the past.  I reviewed both the lower extremity and upper extremity editions of Muscle Imbalances Revealed in the … Read more >

The McKenzie Method – Part 2 – Syndrome Classification and Treatment

In part 1 of this series, we discussed the misconceptions of the McKenzie Method.  Part 2 of the this guest post series by Christie Downing will review the three main mechanical syndromes and focus on treatment advice and some … Read more >

The McKenzie Method – Part 1 – Clearing Misconceptions about MDT

imageThis week features a 2-part guest post discussing the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) by Christie Downing.  Christie is a frequent contributor to this site.  I think this is a great series to “clear the air” about … Read more >

Epicondylitis and Cervical Radiculopathy

Have you ever had a patient or client with unrelenting medial or lateral epicondylitis?  Someone that has had symptoms off and on for months, maybe even years?  I think we all have.  I learned a long time ago after I … Read more >

Brian Mulligan’s NAGS, SNAGS, and Mobs with Motion

Several weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to host Brian Mulligan at his first baseball game and have him present a private workshop for my staff.  What an experience!  In addition to providing some excellent treatment techniques, he (and … Read more >