5 Common Core Exercise Mistakes and Fixes

5 Common Core Exercise Mistakes and Fixes

We’ve come along way over the last decade when it comes to training the core.  Not too long ago, training the core consisted of mainly exercises like sit ups, with no specific attention to how the core functions.

One of the key areas of core training that I focus on to enhance movement quality and performance is stabilizing the core while the arms and legs move.  Essentially proximal stability, with underlying distal mobility of the extremities.

However, don’t forget that the body is amazing at compensating to get the job done.

Any lack of mobility or motor control will often result in compensatory movements.  Many people want to fly through their core program, but often times don’t focus on the quality of the movement.

Here are 5 common core exercise mistakes that I see, along with some suggestions on how to fix them.  I posted these as a series on Instagram, if you want to see more posts like this, be sure to follow me there.

5 Exercises to Combat Sitting All Day

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Do you sit all day? While sitting may not be as evil as the media wants you to believe, sitting all day definitely feeds into a sedentary lifestyle. Try these 5 quick and easy exercises you can perform anywhere to combat sitting, reverse your posture, and start feeling and moving better.

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Sorry, Sitting Isn’t Really Bad for You

Over the last several years, sitting has really been crushed by the health and fitness crowds, as well as the mainstream media. Sorry to say, but sitting isn’t really bad for you and shouldn’t be the focus. In this article I talk about why sitting takes the blame, what is really bad for us, and 3 steps to combat sitting all day.

The Kettlebell March Drill for Functional Core Stability

Carries do a great job of developing functional core stability by adding an offset weight to the center of rotation of the body. Often times, clients with poor core strength or control will compensate during the carry. In today’s video post, Kiefer Lammi shows how we have started to modify the carry in these individuals by adding a march.

360 degree core training

Working Core Training in 360 Degrees

There’s more to core training than sit ups and planks. To truly maximize function, you need to train the core in 360 degrees to stabilize and transmit forces.

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A Simple and Easy Hip Mobility Drill for Low Back Pain

Low back pain continues to be one of the most common health complaints that limit people, especially as we age. Rehabilitation of low back pain has transition from simply focusing on reducing the local pain to emphasizing a biomechanical approach of how other areas of the body, such as the hips, impact low back pain. A recent study revealed that people with low back pain do not have proper hip extension mobility. Luckily, there is a simple and easy mobility drill you can perform – the True Hip Flexor Stretch.

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Updated Strategies for Anterior Pelvic Tilt

The latest Inner Circle webinar recording on my updated Strategies for Anterior Pelvic Tilt is now available.

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Are We Missing the Boat on Core Training?

We’ve made exceptional progress in our understanding of the core and have shifted away from isolated ab training to integrated core training. However, the more I read on the internet the more I wonder if we are still missing the boat a little bit. I’ll chalk this up as a another pendulum swing, but while we have progressed away from isolated abdominal exercises like sit ups, I wonder if we have swung too far to an extreme and started to focus only on isometric anti-movement exercises for the core.