5 Ways to Get More Out of Self Myofascial Release

5 Ways to Get More Out of Self Myofascial Release

Foam rollers are great. But it’s not always just about WHAT you are using to roll out, it’s also about HOW you are performing self myofascial release that is important. If you combine some of our basic understanding of functional anatomy with our understanding of movement, we can really enhance how you perform self myofascial release to get even better results.

2 new self myofascial release tools to try

2 New Self Myofascial Release Tools to Try

I still like foam rollers for self myofascial release, but think that many people could benefit even more by upgrading to these newer tools.

The Best Self Myofascial Release Tools

Not all foam rollers and self myofascial release tools are the same. It’s really important to choose the right tool for the right need. I’ve tried so many different tools, here are a variety of the best tools that I recommend.

Self Myofascial Release System

How to Perform Self-Myofascial Release

This month’s Inner Circle webinar reviews my system of performing self-myofascial release. As with anything else, there is a right way, wrong way, and a better way to perform self-myofascial release.

Foam rolling for recovery

Foam Rolling for Recovery

A recent research report was published in the Journal of Athletic Training that looked at the effect of foam rolling after training on delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS) and performance.

Self-myofascial release teres major

Self Myofascial Release for the Teres Major

A couple of months ago I wrote an article about the importance of the teres major muscle and how I often find it an area of tightness in my clients.  I recommended focusing on that area during manual therapy and some of your self myofascial release techniques. I’ve had a lot of readers ask for […]