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5 Ways to Start Your Career in the Right Direction

This month’s Inner Circle webinar is on 5 Ways to Start Your Career in the Right Direction. In this presentation, I talk about some of the important things that any student or new physical therapist or strength coach should focus on early in their career. I’m amazed at some of the things I hear from students and see online.

This webinar will cover: 1) Why you shouldn’t sell your soul to one specific “system,” 2) The ONE most important thing you need to work on to be effective, 3) How to always be learning but also gaining skill, not just knowledge, 4) Why you shouldn’t rush into starting a private practice

ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol

Rehabilitation following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACL) continues to be a exciting and popular topic in orthopedics and sports medicine. Just pick up any journal and you are bound to find at least one article on the ACL in each issue! Over the past decade, Kevin Wilk, James Andrews, and I have continuously adapted and expanded our preferred treatment guidelines following ACL reconstruction. Kevin has published many classic manuscripts on the topic and we collectively have presented our treatment program several times in journal articles the last decade. Since these publications, Kevin and I have continued to advance our rehabilitation protocol. I am pleased to announce that we have officially just released our latest protocol for Accelerated Rehabilitation Following ACL Reconstruction with our latest protocols at RehabilitationProtocols.com. But because our ACL reconstruction rehabilitation protocol is one of our most popular, we simple want to give it away for free!

Clinical Examination of Superior Labral Tears – What is the Best Special Test for a SLAP Tear?

What is the best test for a SLAP tear? That is a pretty common question that I hear at meetings. Clinical examination to detect SLAP lesions is often difficult because of the common presence of concomitant pathology in patients presenting with this type of condition. Here are some of the more popular special tests that I prefer.