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Assessing Overhead Arm Elevation - Video Case Study

Assessing Overhead Arm Elevation – Video Case Study

One of the many things I look at during my movement assessment process is overhead arm elevation. The information you gather on the person’s ability to perform such a basic task is often invaluable when designing someone’s performance therapy or training program.

Introduction to Performance Therapy and Training

Do You Want to Learn More About Optimizing Movement and Enhancing Performance? 

I’m really excited to be launching my brand new course for rehabilitation and fitness professionals looking to help people restore, optimize, and enhance performance.   It’s my Introduction to Performance Therapy Training course. And you know what the best part is??? It’s absolutely FREE! I want to help.  When we started our facility at Champion PT and Performance, one of our biggest goals was to develop a simple system for our physical therapists and strength coaches to help people move and perform better. My Introduction to Performance Therapy and Training program will teach you our 4-step system at Champion to assure you have everything you need to start helping people move and perform better.

how to assess thoracic mobility

How to Assess Thoracic Mobility

Many people have thoracic mobility restrictions and just blindly throwing thoracic mobility drills at them is going to be suboptimal without an accurate assessment. Some need to focus on extension, some rotation, and others can move well, they just don’t!

customized squat pattern

Hip Variations and Why My Squat Isn’t Your Squat

Today’s article is an AMAZING guest post from my friend Dean Somerset. I’ve been talking a lot lately about how hip anatomy should change your mechanics and why exercises like squats should be individualized based on each person, but Dean blows this topic out of the water with this article.

a simple approach to running analysis for clinicians

A Simple Approach to Running Analysis for Clinicians

This week’s post is an amazing article by my friend Chris Johnson on what he looks for during a running analysis. Chris is my go to resource for running related injuries and rehabilitation. Analyzing someone’s running mechanics doesn’t need to be complicated. Build a simple system by focusing on “The Four S’s of Running Analysis.”

What Exactly is Optimal Movement Quality?

I usually think of optimal movement as simply two things: 1) Do the right joints move (and the wrong ones don’t)? And 2) Do the right muscles work (and the wrong ones don’t)?

Simple. Watch this video to learn more about what I mean.

Assessing for Lat and Teres Tightness with Overhead Shoulder Mobility

Limitations in overhead shoulder mobility are common and often a frequent source of nagging shoulder pain and decreased performance. I feel like the mobility trends I am seeing are focused on torquing the shoulder joint to try to improve overhead mobility. Here’s a quick and easy video demo on how to assess the lat and teres during arm elevation.

How to assess overhead shoulder mobility

How to Assess Overhead Shoulder Mobility

This month’s Inner Circle webinar is a live demonstration of How to Assess Overhead Shoulder Mobility. In this recording of a live student inservice from Champion, I overview my process for assessing loss of overhead mobility. This is a very common occurrence at Champion and something we do all day. Many people don’t even realize they have a mild loss of mobility.