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Yoga Stability Push Up

yoga stability push upI’ve recently been playing around with a variation of the yoga push up on an unstable surface.  The yoga push up exercise integrates a push up with a plus with the downward dog yoga position.  You can also perform this … Read more >

Using Unstable Surfaces to Enhance Scapular Stability

A common goal of many rehab, fitness, and sports performance programs is to enhance scapular stability.  The scapula provides a base of support for the shoulder during functional movements.  Any deficits in the scapula’s ability to move and stabilize can … Read more >

A Simple Dynamic Stability Exercise for the Leg [Video Demo]

This week’s post is a video demonstration of a simple way to integrate reactive neuromuscular training (RNT) into your programming to enhance dynamic stabilization of the lower extremity.

In this video, I show a client that has an ankle sprain.  … Read more >

The Effect of Reactive Neuromuscular Training on Pitchers

It’s no question that the shoulder is a troublesome area for a great number of folks out there.  Most of you that read Mike’s website on a regular basis are looking to treat the shoulder in some capacity—either physical therapy … Read more >

Integrating Kettlebells into Shoulder Rehabilitation

Integrated Kettlebells into Shoulder Rehabilitation

The latest webinar recording for Inner Circle members is now available below.

Integrating Kettlebells into Shoulder Rehabilitation

In this month’s Inner Circle webinar, I discuss how you can start to incorporate kettlebells into your shoulder rehabilitation programs (and really all … Read more >

Advanced Rotary Stability Plank Progressions

The rotary stability plank is one of my go to Functional Stability Training exercises to start training the core to stabilize in multiple planes of motion.  The rotary stability plank requires the body to stabilize with anti-extension movement while preventing … Read more >

Glute Bridge Exercise Progressions for Rotary Stability

Functional Stability Training for the CoreIt is no secret that proper hip extension and glute activation is an important component to optimal movement patterns.  I’ve talked several times about some great glute exercises, including one of my favorite exercises to starting turning on the … Read more >

Rotary Stability Planks

Rotary Stability PlanksI recently started incorporating a new exercise into my core stability programs that I call rotary stability planks.  The concept is really simple.  If you are familiar with Stuart McGill, you have probably seen him advocate using an exercise … Read more >