Don’t make these 4 common mistakes when treating a hamstring strain

4 Mistakes People Make When Rehabilitating Hamstring Strains

When it comes to hamstring strains, two things are certain: 1) They are very common in athletes and 2) the recurrence rate is high. Call me crazy but I feel like the recurrence rate is just way too high, showing that we either are rushing people back too soon, don’t have an adequate return to sport criteria, or simply are not rehabilitating these hamstring strains very well. It’s likely a combination of the three. We can do better. Here are 4 common mistakes I often see when rehabilitating hamstring strains.

How to Diagnose and Treat Hamstring Strains

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how pelvic tilt influences hamstring and spine mobility

How Pelvic Tilt Influences Hamstring and Spine Mobility

How many people come to you and complain that they have tight hamstrings? It seems like an epidemic sometimes, right? I know it’s pretty common for me, at least.

Many people just tug away at their hamstrings and aggressively stretch, which may not only be barking up the wrong tree, but also disadvantageous.

I have really gotten away from blindly stretching the hamstrings without a proper assessment as I feel that pelvic position is often the reason why people think they are tight. This is pretty easy to miss

In this video, I want to explain and you visualize the how pelvic tilt influences hamstring mobility and spine position. Often times the hamstrings feel “tight” or “short” when in reality their pelvic position is just giving us this illusion. I talk about this a lot with clients at Champion and often find myself making these drawings on our whiteboard.

Keep this in mind next time you think someone has tight hamstrings or has too much thoracic kyphosis. Often times the key is in the hips!

non motorized treadmill woodway curve

The Use of Non Motorized Treadmills to Facilitate Gait and The Posterior Chain

We’ve recently started playing more with non motorized treadmills at Champion and have been very happy with the results. They are great at facilitating a normal gait pattern and engaging the posterior chain. I explain more in this video.

tight hamstring anterior pelvic tilt

Can Tight Hip Flexors Cause Tight Hamstrings?

Sometime having tight hip flexors and an anterior pelvic tilt can limit your ability to touch your toes just as much tight hamstrings.

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The Influence of Pelvic Position on Lower Extremity Stretching

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