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Physical Therapy or Surgery for a Meniscus Tear?

While recent research is showing similar results between physical therapy and surgery for a meniscus tear, there are still certain patients that would benefit from surgery. Not every patient, or meniscus tear, is the same. Here’s what we know about who will respond best from surgery, or physical therapy after a meniscus tear. Blog Featured Image

5 Keys to Returning to Sport After a Knee Surgery

The latest Inner Circle webinar recording on 5 Keys to Returning to Sport After a Knee Surgery is now available.

Measuring the Position and Mobility of the Patella

Measuring the Position and Mobility of the Patella

Measuring the position and mobility of the patella is still a very important component of my clinical examination of the knee.  It gives me a great sense of soft tissue restrictions that may be present when patellar hypomobility is noted.  This is especially common after knee surgery.  But measuring patella mobility is also important to assess generalized laxity when patellar hypermobility is observed.

The first time you feel either of these during your clinical exam, you’ll know what I mean.

But if you read through the literature, you may find conflicting results regarding the validity and reliability of assessing patella position and mobility.

Here’s a simple special test to accurately and reliably measure patella position and mobility during your knee clinical examination.

Return to Play Testing After ACL Reconstruction

Are we returning athletes back to sport too fast after ACL reconstruction? In this article, Lenny Macrina takes a look at the literature to see what the re-injury rates look like after surgery, and how we could potentially do a better job with late stages of rehab and criteria to return to sport.

Don’t make these 4 common mistakes when treating a hamstring strain

4 Mistakes People Make When Rehabilitating Hamstring Strains

When it comes to hamstring strains, two things are certain: 1) They are very common in athletes and 2) the recurrence rate is high. Call me crazy but I feel like the recurrence rate is just way too high, showing that we either are rushing people back too soon, don’t have an adequate return to sport criteria, or simply are not rehabilitating these hamstring strains very well. It’s likely a combination of the three. We can do better. Here are 4 common mistakes I often see when rehabilitating hamstring strains.

How to Diagnose and Treat Hamstring Strains

The latest Inner Circle webinar recording on How to Diagnose and Treat Hamstring Strains is now available.

What is the Best Graft Choice for ACL Reconstruction?

What is the Best Graft Choice for ACL Reconstruction?

There are several graft choices for ACL reconstruction, all with different pros and cons that must be considered. Not everyone should use the same graft. Today’s post discusses the different options.

ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol

Rehabilitation following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACL) continues to be a exciting and popular topic in orthopedics and sports medicine. Just pick up any journal and you are bound to find at least one article on the ACL in each issue! Over the past decade, Kevin Wilk, James Andrews, and I have continuously adapted and expanded our preferred treatment guidelines following ACL reconstruction. Kevin has published many classic manuscripts on the topic and we collectively have presented our treatment program several times in journal articles the last decade. Since these publications, Kevin and I have continued to advance our rehabilitation protocol. I am pleased to announce that we have officially just released our latest protocol for Accelerated Rehabilitation Following ACL Reconstruction with our latest protocols at But because our ACL reconstruction rehabilitation protocol is one of our most popular, we simple want to give it away for free!