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How to Cue the Scapula During Shoulder Exercises

In today’s video, I share my thoughts on the common cue of retracting your scapulae together while performing shoulder exercises.  I’m not sure this is the most advantageous cue, despite it’s popularity.  Instead, I focus on facilitating normal scapulohumeral motion.  I … Read more >

The Influence of Pain on Shoulder Biomechanics

The influence of pain on how well the shoulder moves and functions has been researched several times in the past.  It is often though that impaired movement patterns may lead to pain the shoulder.

A recent two part study published in … Read more >

How to Enhance Your Success After Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

Rotator cuff tears are very common injuries for people of all ages, even though our ability to evaluate and treat shoulder impingement has improved..  Depending on the study you read, it has been reported that 13% of people over the … Read more >

Is Resting Scapular Position Important?

Scapular posture assessmentA common component of any shoulder or neck evaluation is observation of scapular position and motion.  Posture assessment is popular and attempts to identify any asymmetries between sides.

As our understanding of the mechanics of the shoulder and scapular improve, … Read more >

Can Physical Therapy for Rotator Cuff Tears Prevent Surgery?

Rotator cuff repair surgery and postoperative rehabilitation continue to be some of the most debated topics on the shoulder at orthopedic and physical therapy conferences.  Numerous studies have been published showing the failure rate of rotator cuff repair surgery ranges … Read more >

Cueing the Core to Enhance Shoulder Elevation

cueing the core during shoulder elevationFor today’s post, I wanted to show a video of a correction I performed on a recent patient during his shoulder program exercises to engage his core and improve his ability to elevate his arms. Many people are hyperlordotic. Combine … Read more >

Can You Have a Rotator Cuff Tear and No Symptoms?

Over the years, our knowledge and ability to treat rotator cuff tears have really advanced significantly.  rotator cuff tearThis includes advances in surgical technique, rehabilitation processes, and even training modifications.  photo from Wikipedia

I see a lot of clients that … Read more >

4 Myths of Rotator Cuff Exercises

Rotator cuff exercises are some of the most commonly performed exercises for both rehabilitation and corrective exercises. Considering the excessive mobility of the shoulder joint and crazy demands we place on the shoulder, it is no wonder that over 20% Read more >