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Enhance Performance
Mike Reinold

Compression Therapy for Recovery

Recovery may be the biggest trend in fitness and sports performance. One of the more popular methods of enhancing recovery is compression therapy. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the efficacy of Normatec compression therapy, a fairly new phenomenon that many athletes and those in fitness are excited about as a means to achieving this goal.

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returning to exercise after covid-19
Injury Treatment
Mike Reinold

Returning to Exercise After COVID-19

The purpose of this post is to synthesize the currently available literature regarding the return to exercise and activity after a mild (non-hospitalized) case of COVID-19 in an otherwise healthy population.

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Ask Mike Reinold Show
Ask Mike Reinold Podcast
Mike Reinold

Workload Monitoring in Sports

It’s very important to monitor workloads to assure we aren’t overloading, or underloading, our athletes. Both can have an impact on injury and performance.

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