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A Simple and Easy Hip Mobility Drill for Low Back Pain

Low back pain continues to be one of the most common health complaints that limit people, especially as we age.  Rehabilitation of low back pain has transition from simply focusing on reducing the local pain to emphasizing a biomechanical approach of … Read more >

Training Rotational Power in Athletes

Training Rotational Power in AthletesSeveral weeks ago I was in San Francisco and stopped by TRX to see my friends Brian Bettendorf and Pete Holman.  We had a great time sharing thoughts and exercise techniques.

TRX Rip Trainer

Pete Holman is the Director of … Read more >

The Influence of Pelvic Position on Lower Extremity Stretching

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The latest webinar recording for Inner Circle members is now available below.

The Influence of Pelvic Position of Lower Extremity Stretching

The below webinar will help you understand:

  • Why lower extremity stretching is essentially flawed
  • Why we aren’t always in
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Assessing the Sacroiliac Joint: The Best Tests for SI Joint Pain

SI JointThe sacroilliac joint, or SI joint, is one of those challenging areas of the body that we all have to deal with from time to time.  When I learned how to assess the SI joint, I know that I felt … Read more >

Breathing and Low Back Pain: Is There a Correlation?

Breathing and Low Back PainAs our knowledge of the core and proper lumbopelvic stabilization continues to improve, our understanding of  the diaphragm’s function as a postural muscle continues to improve as well.  We know that as the diaphragm contracts during inspiration, intra-abdominal pressure increases, … Read more >

Functional Assessment and Exercises to Enhance Hip Flexion

Last week, Chris Johnson wrote a nice guest post on the importance of hip flexion strength.  I received a lot of questions about what to do next, how to strengthen, and how to assess functionally.  I wanted to add … Read more >

The Importance of Hip Flexion Strength

Today’s post is a guest article written by Chris Johnson on the the importance of hip flexion strength when dealing with lower extremity pathology.


The Importance of Seated Hip Flexion Strength

Just over eight years ago, I accepted my … Read more >

Thoracolumbar Fascia – An Area Rich with Activity

Today’s guest post is about the thoracolumbar fascia from Patrick Ward.  I have been reading Patrick’s website for a while now and have always been impressed his content, but he also has the ability to write and communicate in a … Read more >