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Self Myofascial Release for the Forearm

I wanted to show a quick video of a technique I use for self-myofascial release of the forearm.  Obviously, this is a hard area to get with a foam roll and some of the techniques I have seen using the … Read more >

The Influence of Anterior Pelvic Tilt on Hip Flexion Mobility

Several months ago I featured a couple of posts discussing the importance of hip flexion strength and how to assess and enhance hip flexion strength.  Since then, I have receive a lot of feedback from people saying that they … Read more >

Trigger Point Dry Needling for Lateral Epicondylitis

Today’s guest post is from Ann Wendel on trigger point dry needling and the effect of dry needling for lateral epicondylitis. Dry needling is gaining more popularity and becoming another great option when dealing with trigger points. Ann went through … Read more >

How to Increase your Vertical Jump by 2 Inches

Add 2 inches to your vertical jumpFor those of us that work with athletes, you know that eventually you will get questions from them such as,how can I increase my vertical jump?  I’m sure you have heard it a lot.  What if I told … Read more >

Simple Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercises Everyone Can Perform

Thoracic spine mobility is an extremely important, and often times overlooked, component to a variety of dysfunctions.  Poor thoracic mobility can affect the shoulder, neck, low back, and hip very easily.  Unfortunately, our daily habits and posture make us all … Read more >

Alternatives to the Sleeper Stretch that May Actually Work Better

Sleeper Stretch AlternativeIt is no secret that I am not a huge fan of the sleeper stretch, I have written about why I don’t use the sleeper stretch that often in the past.  While I do realize that there is a … Read more >

The Correct Way to Perform the Sleeper Stretch

Sleeper Stretch TechniqueThe sleeper stretch is one of those exercises that unfortunately gets abused.  As I have said, I don’t really like the sleeper stretch and I do not use it often – go back and read why I don’t use the … Read more >

A Day with Anatomy Trains Author Tom Myers


A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to spend a morning with Tom Myers, author of the amazing book Anatomy Trains.  Tom came to speak to my staff to review his research and theories on fascia and … Read more >