Can PCL Injuries Be Successfully Treated Without Surgery?

Champion Physical Therapy and Performance

My latest article is now up on the new Champion Physical Therapy and Performance blog!  I discuss a recent research study that looked at the outcomes of subjects with PCL deficient knees that were followed for up to 21 years.

Pretty interesting stuff that shows the efficacy of our programs!  However, as you’ll read, we can do as much harm as good when designing exercises for people with PCL injuries.

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I have also announced my latest Inner Circle webinar will overview my manual therapy system.  I’ve been really trying to create systems for all aspects of what I do as we build out Champion Physical Therapy and Performance.

Last month, I talked about how I design functional rehabilitation programs.  This month is devoted to manual therapy.  In this webinar I’ll discuss my system to performing manual therapy, including the specific order and techniques that I perform.  This system can be used for any issue depending on the needs of the patient.

I like to take a systematic approach for several reasons:

  1. Assures consistency between sessions
  2. Assures consistency between therapists
  3. Creates reliable and predictable results
Join me Wednesday August 27th at 8:00 PM EST for the live webinar or be sure to catch the recorded when it is posted.
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