The Effect of Throwing on Shoulder Characteristics

Sorry, this took me much longer than I expected to figure out the technology of getting a PowerPoint onto the blog.  Here is the first of my two talks from last week’s ASMI Injuries in Baseball course in Houston.  Hope you enjoy as I work out the kinks.  I will post my second talk next week.

The Effect of Overhead Throwing on Shoulder Strength, Motion, Scapula Position, and Proprioception

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  1. Mike Reinold
    Mike Reinold says:

    Jeff- good to hear from you, its been a few years! that post will be coming over the next few weeks.

    Amy- In a nutshell, if you dont do anything strength goes down, if you do a program it will maintain to the extent i reference. if you havent done anything before than you have the potential to gain. In the past i would have elaborated but need to keep that competitive advantage! Use this info to develop a program you feel is applicable.

    Nick- Both groups tested, all we found scientifically is that if you dont stretch you still have reduced motion 48-hours after pitching. I feel like if you perform some of the techniques you mention that we can minimize this effect. good luck!

  2. Nick Pontifex
    Nick Pontifex says:

    Hi Mike,
    With regards to the ROM timeline peaking at 12 hours and still present at 24 hours, is there any specific treatments (massage, laser, stretching, foam roll, Thoracic joint mobs?!, contrast pools etc.) that you have found best during the initial 24 hours (or 5 day rotation) to minimize the loss and do you try to correlate it to the timeline of recovery of ROM?(0-24hrs-5 days). Also, was the ROM study performed on starters and/or relievers? Is there a significant difference between them for ROM/strength throughout the week/year?

  3. amy castillo
    amy castillo says:

    Thanks for sharing the power point.
    What specifically is the strength program you are discussing – is that the throwers 10, or another program general or tailored to specific athletes deficits? Also you noted a significant strength gain seen in athletes who had not performed the program. So if a thrower had already done this program, no help?

  4. Jeff Lemons
    Jeff Lemons says:

    Hi Mike,
    Just wondering when you might post a follow up to your 5 least favorite exercises with some alternatives that you like. Thanks for a great website and all your work on it!

  5. Mike Reinold
    Mike Reinold says:

    Sorry, told you I was struggling! Try this now, I originally made the video private but no changed it to be viewable by now. I can’t tell if it works or not so if someone can post here and let me know it would be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. andygean
    andygean says:

    More excited than Christmas Eve – Hope we get to see the ppt soon! Thanks for posting this! Great site!

  7. Todd Castonguay
    Todd Castonguay says:


    I wanted to check out your powerpoint from last weekend, but I’m having trouble accessing it. When I try to it says it is a private video and I have to “accept sender’s friend request”. I’m no tech wizard so was wondering if you could help.


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