Evolution of the Human Shoulder and Throwing

image Have you ever considered that the clavicle is the “key” to shoulder function and our ability to throw?  I haven’t either, but it is in a way!  Scientist studying the evolution of the human shoulder point to the development of the human clavicle as the key development in the evolution of the shoulder.

In a nice little article by NPR, Anthropologists, anatomists, and archaeologists all comment on the evolution of the shoulder and the development of the ability to throw.  They describe the transition from the clavicle position of ape’s, which is great to hang from a tree, to the current human clavicle that excels at allowing extreme motion and the ability to throw objects.

Pretty interesting and something I thought would be good to share.  Click the link below to read the whole article or watch the podcast below to learn more.

Evolution of the Human Shoulder

Photo from Wikipedia

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  1. Lenny Macrina
    Lenny Macrina says:

    interesting to consider arm length in the future… something to think about when it comes to ball velocity compared to other pitchers. maybe more injury prone if longer forearm or humerus bones…or maybe an inherent protective mechanism?

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