Free Knee Examination Video Demonstration

Wanted to let everyone know that there are free videos on Youtube that demonstrate a knee examination by Dr. Mark Hutchinson, brought to you by the British Journal of Sports Medicine.  I have included a preview of the Lachman test for ACL injuries below.  The videos demonstrate a typical examination by a physician, don’t expect to find many functional demonstrations of advanced techniques or any details of the clinical rationale behind the examination process.  But for free, it is a great place to view a few examples of special tests as a refresher.  The quality of the video is great.


If you are more interested in a detailed DVD be sure to view my DVD of the Clinical Examination of the Knee.  It contains an hour of video demonstrating both a physical therapy evaluation by myself and Kevin Wilk in addition to a physician examination from the great Dr. William Clancy, who pretty much originated the patellar tendon graft for ACL reconstruction, among his many contributions to our field!  Don’t forget, as a reader of my blog, you have access to use my coupon “Reinold” when checking out for $10 off any of the educational products for rehabilitation from

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