My Best Articles and Podcasts of 2018

With the end of 2018 drawing close, I always love to end the year with a quick review of some of my best content of the year!  I personally love reflecting back as I start planning for the new year, and it’s something I really recommend everyone do as well.

Check out the video below to learn how I reflect back on the year and how I plan ahead to make sure the upcoming year is awesome.

As part of my reflection back on 2018, I also review my content for the past year.  I do it so I can think about what I want to do different in the upcoming year, but also to see what some of the most popular content was over the course of the year.

I also know this yearly post is always popular with my readers.

As many of you may of noticed, I had less articles on the blog this year as we started experimenting with more and more “other” types of content, like the podcast, and also more educational content on Youtube and Instagram.  If you haven’t, please take a moment to subscribe to podcast, my Youtube Channel and my Instagram Account to make sure you don’t miss any of this content!

I must say that I missed writing articles, and will be doing more in 2019.  I will always try to develop content in the best platform possible, and just because Instagram was so popular this year, doesn’t mean it was the “best” platform to educate.

Before I get to my best content of the year, I REALLY wanted to hear from you as well.  Please comment below and let me know what you thought?  What did you like best this year?  Do you want more articles?  More Instagram or other social media content?  Different types of podcasts?

I really appreciate everyone of my followers!  Thanks for everything in 2018, and don’t miss some sneak peeks of what’s coming in 2019 below!


My Best Articles of 2018

The Difference Between an Expert and a Beginner

The difference between an expert and a beginner

This was by far my favorite article of the year.  It started as an Instagram post, but turned into an article as I felt it was so important.  Instagram is filled with so many people proclaiming expertise right now.  Trust me, we see so many posts that make us shake our head.  Simply put, with more experience we expect many people to regret some of the things that are so adamantly proclaiming right now.  I openly encourage everyone to be active online educating, just be humble and careful, don’t try to come across as an expert.  Share your journey with us so we can all grow as you grow.


13 Lessons I Learned from Dr. James Andrews

Many of you know Dr. James Andrews as one of the most famous sports medicine surgeons around.  He’s always on ESPN because so many high level athletes go to see him.  I’m proud to say that he’s a friend and mentor of mine.  He’s not just one of the best surgeons, he’s always an amazing mentor.  Here are just some of the many things I have learned from Dr. Andrews over the years.


How to Best Integrate Evidence Based Practiceevidence based medicine light system mike reinold

Over the last couple of decades, our professions have made great strides towards moving towards evidence-based practice.  As our understanding of the body and principles behind our professions expand, it is imperative we seek out evidence behind our exercises and manual therapy techniques so that we provide the best services as fast and safe as possible.

However, I am seeing a trend too far along the curve towards evidence-based practice that I am not sure is good or bad.  I feel like I have heard so many people arguing against a technique just because it has lack of evidence suggesting efficacy.

We have created this “paralysis-by-evidence” situation where some people think you can’t do anything unless it has strong evidence suggesting it is effective.  This approach is challenging and ultimately unrealistic.


Is Icing an Injury Really Bad for You? What the Science Says

is icing really bad for you? What the science says on icing

Man, ice has really taken a hit lately haha!  So many people on social media are saying that ice is bad for you to perform.  But is any of this based on science???  Not really, more like pseudoscience at best.  Here’s a great guest post from my friend Phil Page.  He does an awesome job discussing what we do, and still don’t, know about icing.


Special Tests for Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator cuff tears are one of the most common injuries we see in orthopedic physical therapy.  During the clinical examination of the shoulder, we want to perform special tests designed to detect a rotator cuff tear.  Here are videos of my 4 favorite special tests for rotator cuff tears that I perform during my clinical examination of the shoulder.  These 4 tests do a good job detecting larger tears that are causing dysfunction.


Return to Play Testing After ACL Reconstruction

This was a great guest post from Lenny Macrina.  I spend a lot of time with Len, and I know return to play testing has been a big topic on his mind this year.  Here’s a great review of what we know right now.


4 Mistakes People Make When Rehabilitating Hamstring Strains

Don’t make these 4 common mistakes when treating a hamstring strain

Hamstring strains are so common, but also one of the injuries that tend to be the most recurring and nagging over time.  Here are my pearls on diagnosing and treating hamstring strains to try to assure that athletes minimize their chances of have recurring issues.


Sorry, Sitting Isn’t Really Bad for You

sitting isnt bad for you sitting isnt the new smoking

This article received a lot of positive press, though many still misunderstood my main point.  There is nothing wrong with sitting all day, it’s never moving that is really causing so many issues!  People that are trying to point the finger at sitting, and posture itself, are really missing the point.  And if you miss the point, you probably aren’t educating your clients as best as you can.


5 Exercises You Should Perform If You Sit All Day

5 Exercises to Combat Sitting All Day

See what I did right there?  My follow up to my sitting article shows you a bunch of things to perform if you do sit all day, all centered around my concept of reverse posturing.



My Best Baseball Content of 2018

3 Things Baseball Players Need to Develop Elite Pitching Performance

For my baseball fans out there, I wanted to write this article for some time.  It’s funny to me to see all these performance enhancement programs and “velocity programs” out there on the internet that really miss the boat on developing baseball pitchers.  Here are the 3 scientifically proven things you should focus on.


Baseball Episode: Working with Pitching Coaches and Olympic Lifts with Baseball Pitchers

ask mike reinold show

This was a great podcast episode for baseball fans.  We get asked all the time about olympic lifts for baseball players.  In this episode, we clearly define why we don’t use olympic lifts in this population.  If you work with baseball players, you need to give this episode a listen.


My Best Podcast Episodes of 2018

How to Find a Mentor in the Rehabilitation and Fitness Professions

ask mike reinold show

There was a ton of great advice for young rehab and fitness professionals in this episode.  Finding a mentor is extremely valuable, but not always the easiest thing to do.


How Do You Treat Chronic Pain Patients in the Sports Medicine or Orthopedic Outpatient Setting?

ask mike reinold show

We’re seeing a lot of people apply the concepts of pain science poorly, especially in the high level orthopedic and sports medicine setting.  In this episode we tackle the concept of chronic pain in this population.


Our Biggest Pieces of Advice to Celebrate Our 100th Podcast Episodeask mike reinold show


We all gathered around to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and 100th episode to talk about some our best pieces of advice.


Special Episode on Strength and Conditioning Program Design

ask mike reinold show

We are really very fortunate to have such an amazing group of physical therapists and strength coaches at Champion.  We all go together to discuss program design.  This is a great effort by the group, all coming together to share their expertise.


The Mobility Episode – Is Too Much Mobility Good or Bad?

ask mike reinold show

I really liked this episode.  We deal with a lot of hypermobile people.  One of the first things we do with new clients at Champion is often take a step back on people focusing on too much mobility.  It seems like social media thinks every issue can be solved by mobility, when often times this only makes things worse.


My Best Inner Circle Presentations of 2018

How to Perform a Thorough and Systematic Clinical Examination

I started to share some slightly different presentations for my Inner Circle this year.  I realized on social media, that I can share my experience as a clinician to help younger people get better faster.  Not everything in real life is how you learn it in school or from a textbook.  So I wanted to share more clinical pearls that you can only get with experience.  Here is the first of a series of videos on the Clinical Exam process.  These are some of the most popular posts I’ve made for my Inner Circle.


How To Best Collaborate Between Physical Therapy And Fitness

We recorded a staff inservice with all our our therapist, coaches, students, and interns to discuss how to best collaborate between professions.  We share a ton of great advice.


What’s Coming in 2019?

So, what’s coming in 2019?!   Well, 2019 is going to be huge.  I have a ton of great content planned for the website, but also some MAJOR projects in the works!

  • The Champion Performance Specialist Certification.  I’ve been alluding to this new program that I will be releasing all year, because I’ve been working on it all year long!  This is my biggest program to date, and essentially will teach you everything I do to assess movement and build my performance therapy and training programs.  This.  Is.  Going.  To.  Be.  Huge.   Shooting for February still at this point, be sure you are subscribed to my newsletter.
  • A new Inner Circle.  I have some great ideas for the Inner Circle.  I want to make it a place for younger clinicians to get started on  the right path, and for more experienced clinicians to stay cutting edge and on top of the latest research.  In the past, there has always been great content, but I am really going to organize it much better and start to make it more comprehensive now that I have years of content on there!
  • A free mentorship program for new grads.  This is a big part of what I want to do going forward.  I am at a different point in my career and want to really give back to the next generation and help them get started.  There’s a lot of noise out there right now, I get how overwhelming it can be to get started.


Thanks again, I hope you had a great 2018!  See you next year!


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