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Nonoperative ACL Rehabilitation with Mick Hughes


When it comes to ACL injuries, there is a ton of research and information on reconstruction and injury prevention, but it seems like no one ever talks about nonoperative ACL rehabilitation.

It has been shown that the ACL does have some capacity to heal and that some people may do well without having surgery.

But probably not in as many people as we would like.

In this episode, I’m joined by Mick Hughes to discuss his experience with nonoperative ACL rehabilitation, some of the factors that may decide who is the best candidate, and how to progress these people through the rehabilitation process.

Show Notes

Mick Hughes is a Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist from Australia and has dual qualifications in Exercise Science and Physiotherapy – and has recently completed a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy. After spending a long time in Melbourne, He now consults at the North Queensland Physio Centre in Townsville, and has a strong clinical interest in ACL injury prevention and rehabilitation, and sees a high volume of ACL injured athletes both locally and interstate/internationally via telehealth.

KANON trial:
2 yr follow up
5yr follow up


Prognostic factors of KANON trial

PFJ cartilage loss in KANON trial

New meniscus tears after ACL treatment

ACL Healing:

Evidence based management of ACL

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