Welcome to the Sports Physical Therapy Podcast


Welcome to The Sports Physical Therapy Podcast!  I’m super excited to be starting this brand new podcast.

I’m going to be featuring weekly interviews with established and emerging leaders in the field of sports medicine, rehabilitation, and performance training.  

My goal is to help you stay current by featuring interviews with authors of recent journal articles, clinical experts with pearls to share, and up-and-coming innovators that are pushing the envelope and advancing our profession.

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Show Notes


Hey, everyone. Welcome to the sports physical therapy podcast. Thanks so much for joining me. I really appreciate it. I am super excited to be launching my second podcast. And as you can tell by the name, which was a very creative name, right. , I tried to think of something cool and fun to call this podcast, but I actually thought just calling it, the sports physical therapy podcast really did the trick. So I ended up staying with that and, I think it really does a good job describing what this podcast is going to be.

But I’m super excited again, to be launching it, and welcome to the first episode. Uh, I wanted to tell you a little bit about it, but before we get into it, I just wanted to kind of reflect a little bit because it’s kind of funny as I was preparing to record this episode, this first episode to announce this new podcast, I realized that our original podcast, our first podcast, the ask Mike Reinold show.

Um, we’ve been doing it for six years, six years, and 300 episodes. I was surprised by that. I didn’t even realize that I knew the episodes were getting up there. And I remember us having our big 200th episode celebration, but, , I guess I just, I guess I didn’t realize that it was six years, which, makes sense of.

If you’re doing a weekly podcast, I guess the numbers add up. Right. It’s funny to go back and watch some of the first episodes and see myself and Lenny Macrina. And our first student that gave a Nadir. , gave Morgan to, really see the evolution of that podcast. , we’ve learned a lot. Uh, we’ve got better microphones, better cameras.

Right. We’ve we’ve since transitioned to zoom because of the pandemic. So I know a lot of people listen to us, but we also have a video version of that as well. Um, and I don’t know. I mean, I think sometimes longevity means you’re, you’re either you’re really good at what you do, or you’re just persistent, right?

Where we’re enough. Of a knucklehead to continue making it over time. So, uh, may not be the best podcast in the world, but we’re consistent and that’s all that matters. Right. Uh, no, but, but kidding. And in all honesty, , it’s really humbling to see all the, , the rankings and the awards that we’ve won. , numerous people have, have.

I said, we’re the number one podcast for physical therapy, the most downloaded, , a bunch of awards we won over the year. So, you know, really honored that that podcast has made such a difference in a lot of people’s careers. , and that was really the purpose of it. . When we started that podcast, we wanted it to be about a few things.

First and foremost, it was about you. It was about answering your questions. And I think that’s probably why it’s been successful is we’re soliciting questions from the people that matter most. , the people that listen to the podcast. So I looked it up the other day and I was actually surprised by this as well, but we’ve had over a thousand. I think it’s actually over 1500 questions submitted. Isn’t that amazing? So 1500 questions submitted, , over the last six years. It tells me that not only are we really helping people, but there’s still a ton more work that we need to do.

So the ask Mike Reinold show isn’t going away. I just wanted to say that just because we have a new podcast now, and I’m starting this new sports, physical therapy podcast. Doesn’t mean, it’s the end of the ask Mike Reinold show it’s just a new podcast. We’re starting in addition, but you know, going back to that again, you know, we wanted to answer your questions.

I wanted to keep the episode short. I want her to make them easily digestible. . And at the time that was, that was my style a little bit. That’s how I like to consume podcast. . I also didn’t specifically want it to be an interview type podcast. I wanted it to be us answering your questions.

But things have changed. I’m at a different point. You’re at a different point in these professions at a different point podcast. Technology’s changed a bit.

And, you know, everything’s a little bit easier. I have a little bit more capacity and creative energy to do this, but I think what’s more important though, is that the cultures change and people really want to dig in deeper on certain topics and podcasts are more popular than when we first started the asked Mike Reinold show.

Right? So I think people are seeing this now as a, as a viable way to learn and to grow. And I think people that are hungry for more. I think they’re hungry for longer episodes. So we’re going to see some length out of this new one. But more importantly, I just know so many people and as incoming president of the American academy of sports, physical therapy, I have a lot of people I can reach out to and share their story and share their knowledge. . So I almost feel like it’s my duty , to get these people in front of you, because I want you to be able to learn from more people.

And that’s what is really exciting. To me is, the format of this new show is going to be interviews it’s going to be interviews with leading experts in sports, medicine, rehabilitation, and performance. And I want that diversity, right? I want that to be a few different types of people.

And heck every now and then maybe we won’t even have somebody that is directly in our profession. Maybe we’ll be learning from people outside of our profession that can really shed some light, maybe on some new ways that we can innovate within our profession. I think that’s neat too. But it’s going to feature a variety of people I want some established veterans on here, people that have a ton of clinical experience and judgment to share with you. . But I also want to feature a lot of emerging leaders as well. There’s a lot of bright minds that I think just need some exposure to get some of the amazing things that they’re doing out there.

Some of the education and the research that we’re producing. It’d be really great to have a platform to introduce you to some of those people. So I’m excited about that too. So it’s going to be a combination of things. When you’re talking about current concepts, we’re going to do things like, , reviewing research articles. So for example, if I stumble across an article that I thought was really impactful and some good clinical implications,

I’m going to reach out to the author. And say, Hey, want to come on this podcast and talk about your recent research article. And I think what better way could we have to digest new research then to have somebody that actually performed the study, talking about it, and then us discussing the clinical implications? I think that’s going to be amazing

so it’s going to be a blend of thing. It’s going to be blended, cutting edge concepts, recent advances in research and putting together people’s clinical experience, but really positive show. And it’s about getting better together.

Now I kind of wanted to put that in here for this episode to realize that because I’m not gonna lie. I’m being a little selfish here. I can’t wait to do these interviews because I can’t wait to learn from these people in the grow from all the amazing guests that we’re going to have. So I’m kind of selfish because I’m doing some of these interviews because I can’t wait to talk to some of these people.

I’m really excited about this have already conducted a bunch of episodes already

I promise I’m going to get better at interviewing and that’s something I’m going to work on. , hopefully I’m just being a little too critical of myself and hopefully you’ll disagree, but, uh, just wanting to say, I promise to you that I’ll continue to get better at this. And in the meantime, just please, please, please. If you can subscribe to this podcast, that would be amazing.

If you can help spread the word, maybe share that you’re listening to this new podcast and you heard about this new podcast on social media, your, your coworkers, your colleagues, your friends. That’d be amazing. And as you listened to a few episodes, if you can please give us a rating. Give it a review. I think that’s helpful. We do read those. We do accept that feedback because we want to keep getting better over time. Thank you so much again, for listening to this. My goal is to make this, the top sports, physical therapy podcasts out there. In order to do that, I’m going to need your help.

So, thanks again for joining me in this new podcast. I really hope you enjoy some of the future episodes. And thank you again for subscribing, which I know you’re about to do right now, right? When this episode is, and just click on it right now. Thanks again.

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