Baseball Training Program

How Baseball Players Can Enhance Performance While Reducing Injuries

The best part about January and a new year, at least in my mind, is the fact that baseball season is right around the corner!  Although spring training is only a month away and the start of college and high school baseball is close by, it is never too late to start preparing for the season.  I do sincerely hope you have already started preparing and have already had a great offseason of training.  If so, great!  Use this last part of the offseason to assure you have hit all the important aspects of a proper baseball offseason program and haven’t missed any critical components.

For those that haven’t started preparing, it’s time to get going!  It may not be optimal to start this late, but it is still possible to make a big difference.  I have seen many players improve with just 4-6 weeks of training.


Injuries in Baseball are Highest in the First Month of the Season

Two recent research reports have been published that analyzed the occurrence of baseball injuries in Major League Baseball and High School Baseball.  In both studies, the researchers found that the baseball injuries are highest in the first month of the season.

baseball injury rates

Do you know what this tells me?

I interpret this as the fact that preparation for the season is extremely important, and those that do not prepare well have a higher chance of injury. [Click to Tweet]


The Key to Avoid Injuries is Proper Preparation

How do you best prepare?  I have 5 areas that I think everyone should focus on to best prepare for the upcoming season.  Many people put the effort into one or maybe two of these components, but the key to unlocking your full potential is including all 5 components.

Baseball Training Program

They all build off one another:

  • Restore and maintain soft tissue and joint mobility lost from adaptations
  • Maximize total body gains from strength and conditioning
  • Incorporate arm care programs designed to maximize strength and dynamic stability
  • Integrate proper function and balance of the entire body
  • Enhance pitching mechanics through proper coaching with a throwing program


How Baseball Players Can Enhance Performance While Reducing Injuries

I’m pretty excited to have a new free webinar for everyone to enjoy and learn from, entitle “How Baseball Players Can Safely Enhance Performance While Reducing Injuries.”  In this 45-minute webinar I discuss the why injuries occur in overhead athletes and the 5 components above on how to best prepare to put yourself in the best position to succeed.  While designed around baseball, the information is definitely applicable to all overhead throwing athletes.

These are the same 5 principles that I follow to build my programs to safely enhance performance while reducing injuries.

To access the webinar, simply enter your name and email below to join my baseball-specific newsletter where I update you on all my baseball content.  After you confirm your subscription, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to access the webinar.

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  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    What I observed with H.S. baseball after a kid does a great winter development program….Gets to his team setting and there seems to be a Lack of full dynamic warm ups, only an ancillary focus on pitching / bull pens and no real effort of maintaining the conditioning in everyday practice when the season begins. Players perform well(are athletic) early then atrophy/command issues start to show. This transition from individual to team “Baseball”activities is a key issue across many H.S. programs. Most importantly it creates the opportunity for Pitcher injury in early season. Head Coaches seem to be focused on hitting, fielding and “situation” training.

  3. Don Taylor
    Don Taylor says:

    My guy puts the baseball down @ 1st day of August.If he plays QB on his team has he really had a 4 month rest when strength/conditioning starts up @ first week of November?

  4. Dillon E. Smith
    Dillon E. Smith says:

    Again, another great article.

    I have a question for you Mike and anyone else you would like to give an answer in regards to the 5 areas of preparation. Are the areas listed in order of importance (i.e. restore and maintain should be accomplished first) or is each area an equal part and all should be accomplished together?

    Have a great day!

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