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Blood Flow Restriction Training: Our BFR Experience So Far

On this episode of the #AskMikeReinold show we talk about our current understanding and experience using blood flow restriction training at Champion. To view more episodes, subscribe, and ask your questions, go to

We’ve received a ton of questions about which BFR cuffs we use.  We have tried several, but right now we are mostly using the Smart Tools BFR Cuffs.

Smart Tool BFR Cuffs

The quality is top notch, and patients have been preferring the feel of them during exercises.  Smart Tools was nice enough to offer my readers 10% their BFR cuffs, including their full kits with Doppler ultrasound units.  Click the link below to learn more:


#AskMikeReinold Episode 158: Blood Flow Restriction Training: Our Experience So Far

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    Hi Guys,

    I am a DPT student who recently completed a BFR study using the Owens recovery unit for BFR. We decided to test if the protocol (30,15,15,15) that is being used in clinic for open chain exercises was appropriate for closed chain, functional exercises. We had our participants perform and Bulgarian split squat at 80% arterial occlusion. After our first session of testing; we had only 2 out of 7 participants complete the protocol and had two participants emitted into the urgent care with RHABDOMYOLYSIS! We found that it was possibly due to a faulty training program leading up to the testing (uncontrolled variable) and excessive alcohol consumption directly following the testing that morning. We are looking to get our case study published, but in the mean time it might be something to consider with your young adult athletes you are using this on. Since Rhabdo is rarely found in the literature in conjunction with BFR. Love the channel and all the information you guys put out. It has definitely helped me develop my skills as a clinician.

    PS: If you would like more info about our study, I can try to get a copy and email it to you.

    -Blake Van Maanen MA SPT

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