Internal Impingement – What it is and How to Diagnose

The latest webinar recording for Inner Circle members is now available below.

Internal Impingement – What it is and How to Diagnose

This month’s Inner Circle webinars discussed a one of the most requested topics to date and featured a TON of people online live!  We’ll cover:

  • What is internal impingement?
  • The difference between internal and subacromial impingement
  • Anatomical, biomechanical, and pathological reasons for developing internal impingement
  • What do athlete’s that have internal impingement feel?
  • The #1 test to perform to diagnose internal impingement
  • What else you should look for on examination to develop the best treatment program

The topic is so big, I need to break it down into 2 parts.  This first part will cover the etiology and diagnosis.  I will follow this up in the upcoming months with an entire webinar dedicated to how to treat internal impingement.

To access the webinar, please be sure you are logged in and are a member of the Inner Circle program.

2 replies
  1. martin nielsen
    martin nielsen says:

    Hi Mike!

    I’ve been watching your shoulder impingement series and been watching the “optimal shoulder performance” DVD set and I must say, great work!!

    Even though this might be part of the next video on “Internal impingement”, I felt I needed to adress a question.
    You advocate no overhead work for people with internal impingement, except chinups. How about latpulldowns?

    I might be a bit tired from all the information, but i can’t seem to answer the question myself, for that I’m sorry.

    (I’m not fully educated yet either, so that might explain why too ;-) )

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