Preventing Quad Atrophy, Strength Training, and the Beach

On this episode of the #AskMikeReinold show we talk about preventing quadriceps atrophy following surgery, maximizing strength training, and speed and agility training on the beach. To view more episodes, subscribe, and ask your questions, go to


#AskMikeReinold Episode 38: Preventing Quad Atrophy, Strength Training, and the Beach

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  1. Mark Rodriguez
    Mark Rodriguez says:

    Hey guys great podcast once again. I wanted to comment on the beach training. I’m an agility trainer and on occasion when the opportunity presents itself I do train on the sand. For the most part I agree with you that you really cant develop power, speed or explosiveness in the sand. Agility though can be greatly improved when emphasizing proper foot placement, lower body control, upper body control, quick feet and “drop & drive” technique. The sand training recruits muscles and sensitizes the nervous system so when the athlete then moves to a solid surface the stability and ability of the athlete is much more fundamentally sound and stable. Its basically resistance training in an dynamic fashion. Have you had the opportunity to train in sand and gauge the results? Thanks for allowing me to post.

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