PT vs Personal Trainer, Quad Strength After ACL, and Isokinetic Testing for Athletes

On this episode of The #AskMikeReinold show we talk about choosing between becoming a PT, PTA, or personal trainer, quad strength after ACL reconstruction, and isokinetic testing in athletes.  To view more episodes, subscribe, and ask your questions,go to

#AskMikeReinold Episode 8: PT vs Personal Trainer, Quad After ACL, and Isokinetic Testing for Athletes


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  1. suzana
    suzana says:

    Thanks Mike and Lenny for your “quad after acl” response to my inquiry. Just wanted to say Lenny confirmed my suspicion that even a lack of couple degrees in TKE can significantly hinder muscle mass. So I came up with a manual technique to try and gain those last 2° and found out that it was more effective than slow-loading. Slow-loading does not address the last few degrees known as screw-home mechanism, neither did other known PT manual therapy such as ant to post techniques on femur and tibia. But once I isolated the medial tibia while holding the external part of the lower leg, providing an ant-post force using slow velocity force in open chain 30°flexion I was sucessful in re-storing full knee extension equal to other side and we are finally seeing muscle fulness and strength come back. The key i believe with this made-up technique was that it adressed the rotational component of the last part of the knee extensor mechanism, whereas the vertical slow load technique is great but only adresses the downright posterior movement the femur makes when it encounter the tibial plates…not necessarily adresing the last rotational component the medial femur condyle needs to make with the tibial plateau in order to reach a complete lock-out. I hope i explained it clearly enough so you can make a picture of it…thanks again:) Suzana.

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