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What’s the Future of Baseball Performance and the Saberseminar

On this episode of the #AskMikeReinold show he have a baseball episode with special guests Will Carroll, Dan Blewett, Kevin Vance, and Dave Fischer all discussing the 2017 Saberseminar and whats new in baseball performance. To view more episodes, subscribe, and ask your questions, go to


#AskMikeReinold Episode 80: What’s the Future of Baseball Performance and the Saberseminar

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2 replies
  1. Raymond Wood
    Raymond Wood says:

    Here is a question from an ROF. How many injuries do you think we would be dealing with if we went back to the old days when we spent time on vacant lots learning the game, had no training programs, and just played the game and learned most of it on our own without personal coaches yakking about what we were doing wrong. The quality of play may have been different but I don’t remember any arm injuries or other chronic type injuries and I played on championship caliber high school teams and a national championship college team. Players today seem to have to have a coach or trainer or someone to tell them everything they need to learn. We learned on our own most of the time. I know we will not go back to this but just interested in your thoughts. Doc ( high school coach in Florida, Texas and North Carolina & college coach in North Carolina and Georgia.)

    • Mike Reinold
      Mike Reinold says:

      Hi Raymond, you may be right. The bigger difference to me was that we just weren’t throwing as hard. I remember playing as a kid and pretending “I’m going to throw this next pitch 90MPH!” We’re throwing much harder now. It’s a physics equation. Maybe, though, you are right in that with all this coaching/training we are advancing the skills of these kids at an early age, enhancing velocity, and causing more injuries?

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