Top 5 Tweaks to Enhance Hip Exercises

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Top 5 Tweaks to Enhance Hip Exercises

In this month’s Inner Circle webinar, I review my top 5 simple little tweaks to really enhance your hip exercises.  I love topics like this as I really feel that the small attention to detail items are what can really help you set yourself apart.

  • Why we want to focus on the hips and maximizing the results of our exercise selection
  • How hip flexor tightness can ruin a great glute exercise and what to do about it
  • My top exercise to turn on the glute max and it’s ability to extend the hip
  • How to maximize sagittal plane hip exercises and make them more functional
  • How to get more out of your hip clam exercise

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6 replies
  1. Jacob Quinney
    Jacob Quinney says:

    This is an awesome video! I’m finishing my DPT degree and I have had hip weakness that has lead to insertional achilles issues that has seriously hampered my basketball play. This video is a golden nugget for hip strengthening! Keep this stuff coming!

  2. Mike Reinold
    Mike Reinold says:

    Christine, thanks. I did have some discussion about putting something like that together and it is on my list of things to do. However, one thing to realize with that past JOSPT article your references was that the articles was essentially a decade in the making. There was an evolution of that information from book chapters etc to what you finally saw in JOSPT.

    So, I would say yes, but who know when!


  3. Christine Panagos
    Christine Panagos says:

    Mike, sorry I was a little slow geting to this hip presentation. Loved the topic and the information. Do you have any plans to put forth any EMG studies on the hip musculature as you did in the February 2009 JOSPT on GH and scapulothoracic musculature? (one of my all time favorites) I’d be interested to see what your sidelying and supine clamshells with a plus would show.

  4. Brian Mahoney
    Brian Mahoney says:

    Mike, keep these up, they are great. Your site is the mmost professional and well done out of all the S&C guys!

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