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7 Reasons Why Corrective Exercises May Not Always Work

The latest webinar recording for Inner Circle members on Why Corrective Exercises Don’t Always Work is now available below.

Why Corrective Exercises Don’t Always Work

corrective exerciseThis month’s Inner Circle webinar discussed Why Corrective Exercises Don’t Always Work.  I felt like this was an important webinar to discuss the fact that correct exercises aren’t perfect.  In fact, many times they are ineffective.  In order to best use corrective exercises, you first need to understand why they sometimes do not work. In this webinar, I will discuss:

  • What exactly are corrective exercises?
  • Do corrective exercises always work?
  • 7 reasons why corrective exercises may not always work
  • What you can do to maximize the effectiveness of your corrective exercises

To access the webinar, please be sure you are logged in and are a member of the Inner Circle program.

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  1. Elizabeth Manka
    Elizabeth Manka says:

    Hi Mike,
    Great Webinar! Since you mentioned that not adequately assessing alignment can lead to choosing an incorrect you have any tips or recommendations on assessing alignment? For example how to determine if the pelvis in anteriorly rotated on one side vs. posteriorly on the other. Or perhaps this could be a webinar on its own! Thanks again for all your great content!

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