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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Welcome to 2011!  How about that for a title of an article on this site!  Can’t wait to see how many people do (or do not!) read this!  To celebrate the new year, I have published some recommendations for those just starting some new year’s resolutions to get back into shape and to workout.  Everyone knows that I am a therapist, athletic trainer, and strength coach and actively work in all 3 domains – I am very much in favor of getting personal attention from a strength specialist when it comes to workouts.

But I am also a busy professional myself that travels frequently – I know the demands many of us face and understand that “not enough time” is going to always be everyone’s number reason for not working out.  This article is for you.  Yes, I realize that a program entitle the “10 Minute Trainer” is probably not the best program in the world, but it may be a place to start for some people.  Again, this article is for you.  But more importantly, we have a huge problem with obesity in our society.  Again, this article is for you.

We have a Problem in Our Society

One thing is for certain, our culture is slowly getting more and more out of shape and in effect, less healthy.  Recent reports are stating that close to 75% of Americans will be overweight by 2015, which is completely insane.  I’m going to take this directly from Men’s Health editor David Zinczenko in his new book The New Abs Diet (more on this later), but here are some startling facts if you are overweight:

  • 50% more likely to develop heart disease
  • 360% more likely to develop diabetes
  • 31% more likely to die of any cause
  • 120% more likely to develop stomach cancer
  • 590% more likely to develop esophageal cancer
  • 35% more likely to develop kidney cancer

But for some reason, these numbers don’t scare us enough, maybe these next two will since no one seems to care about their health, lets focus on what really motivates us – money and…  well, you know:

  • 14% less attractive to the opposite sex
  • 37% more in expenses for prescription drugs

Lose Weight, Get in Shape, Become Healthier

Again, take a peek at my past articles on the best home exercise programs, best home workout equipment, and my updates from 2011 as a reference.  Not much has changed.  I still like P90X for many people (not for the really serious or athletes – you guys see below for Eric Cressey’s new program), encourage people to perform Yoga (probably because I am so tight!), and I still am a follower of the Abs Diet (not really a diet, but a better way to choose foods).  A new edition of the Abs Diet book and accompanying cookbook just came out two weeks ago, looking forward to reading them as I know the author, Men’s Health magazine Editor-in-Chief David Zinczenko, has added a ton of new research and materials to back up his recommendations, probably the main reason why I like his book so much.

This year I want to highlight two new products that I think would be a perfect addition to any home gym or independent workout program – the TRX Suspension Training bands and Eric Cressey’s new training program, Show and Go Trainer.

TRX Suspension Training Bands

imageI’ve been using TRX Suspension System for the last couple of years.  I could probably use them more, but to be honest I have access to so much equipment that I don’t always need them.  You, however, probably aren’t in the same situation.  That being said I have been playing around with some new techniques and plan on integrating them even more this upcoming year.

These bands are a great way to get a workout in at home without needing a ton of weights or equipment.  Really a great idea, one of those moments when you’ll probably say “why didn’t I think of that…”  I’ll be traveling with these this year to get some workouts in on the road in the hotel!  Well worth the small price and great quality of material and packaging, even comes with a cool DVD.  Get the door handle to you can use these anywhere.  Put this together with an Iron Gym and your upper body is and core are covered.

I’m also going to try to work on some rehab applications and post on them here in he future.

Eric Cressey’s Show and Go Training

imageFor the more serious people out there, I am actually really excited to have a “real” program to talk about this year.  The infomercial garbage that is out there has its pros and cons, no doubt, but finally there is a program out there that isn’t built for a generic workout DVD.  Eric Cressey’s Show and Go Training is a real strength training program built by a real strength coach.

The program is packed with everything  – foam rolling, mobility training, active warm-up, strength training, cardio/energy system training, even nutrition.  Plus, there are over 170 video demos of all the exercises in the program.

If you are serious about your workouts, this amount of info at this price is really hard to come by, it’s like having Eric write you a personal program!

Good luck with your goals for 2011!

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