How to Work with Professional Athletes

How to Work with Professional Athletes

The latest Inner Circle webinar recording on the How to Work with Professional Athletes is now available.

How to Work with Professional AthletesHow to Work with Professional Athletes

Last month’s Inner Circle webinar was on How to Work with Professional Athletes.  A good portion of our clientele at Champion PT and Performance are professional athletes.

In this presentation, I discuss some of the many things I have learned in my career about working with professional athletes.  I’ll discuss what this involves, pearls from the perspective of the player, agent, and team, as well as recommendations on how to break in with professional sports.

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  1. Thomas Fletcher
    Thomas Fletcher says:

    Hi Mike, I really enjoyed your webinar on working with professional athletes. I’ve been a PT for 27 years and have worked with Olympic athletes in the past and it can be both very enjoyable and stressful. In general, the athletes were great and all the outside influences made things more difficult than they had to be.

    Prior to my being a PT, I was a minor league baseball player who had a huge “sock superstition” so you gave me a good laugh. I hate to admit that another superstition was that I played a little better with a hang over and that after 3 months of my minor league season, I never wanted to see alcohol again, lol.

    Your advice was right on especially the availability you need to have but you left out one important recommendation when working with professional baseball players, especially minor league players…Stay out of the showers when the Dominican players are in there! Like you said, you really have to understand the “in season” to appreciate that comment, lol.

    Thank you for bringing back some fond memories, I enjoy your clinical insight.

    Tom Fletcher, PT

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