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Using Science to Enhance Exercise

Inner Circle Premium Content

The latest webinar recording for Inner Circle members is now available below.

Integrated Science and Evidence to Enhance Exercises

I use the serratus anterior as a model for discussion but the information is easily applicable to any muscle.  The below webinar will help you understand:

  • What we often miss when performing simple and traditional exercises only
  • How to critically assess how and why we do exercises
  • What to consider when selecting and enhancing exercises
  • How to take your exercise programming to the next level
  • How to make faster gains and better outcomes
  • Why you need to integrate baseline strength and functional stability training

To access the webinar, please be sure you are logged in and are a member of the Inner Circle program.

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  1. Pauli Kiuru
    Pauli Kiuru says:

    Hi Mike! First of all, thank you very much of this particular video – it’s great! Is there any way I can download these videos, so I could watch them when I don’t have internet connection? Would be huge if that option could be available!

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