using social media to stay current

Using Social Media to Stay Current

The latest Inner Circle webinar recording on the Using Social Media to Stay Current is now available.

Using Social Media to Stay Current

using social media to stay currentThis month’s Inner Circle webinar was on Using Social Media to Stay Current.  There is a ton of information on the web.  It is difficult to stay on top of all the latest info, unless you have a system in place.

In this webinar, I will show you my exact system for staying on top of all the latest journal articles, news reports, internet articles, and blog posts.  I’ll show you how you can set up the same system customized to your specific interests very easily, but more importantly for free.  My system allows me to find great info, save it to read later when I get a free moment, and even store my favorite articles for future access.  Best part of all this is I can do it on my computer, phone, or tablet at anytime!

This is my updated system with updated apps that I am now using in 2014.

To access the webinar, please be sure you are logged in and are a member 0f the Inner Circle program.

  • Andrea Blois

    Hi Mike,

    I also use “pulse,” as an RSS.

    Thanks for the great info.


  • Andreas Prezas

    Great webinar. Can you please suggest any other online Micro Educations specifically for Physical Therapy? What about for Twitter?

    • Andreas, I did talk about Twitter in the presentation.